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Since 2015, we have helped a swarm of startups explain technologies, driving audiences to take action.

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Tech Lovers

Every day, our workspace is abuzz with new technologies. We’re laser-focused on illuminating startups and their novel technologies. Our mission: making complex products easy to understand!

Creative Partners

Our clients become part of our hive, and we are committed to helping them thrive with a range of creative and powerful video formats.

Creative Partners

The bees

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Yuval Leizerman
Co-Founder & CEO
Yuval is a tech addict with a laser focus on helping startups grow their brand using videos. An experienced motion graphics professional and art director.
Tomer Avatar2 414x414
Tomer Gerbi
Co-Founder & Head of Creative
Tomer is a creative force to “bee” reckoned with. He is a seasoned motion graphics designer and art director. In the director’s chair, he brings the vision of startups to life with compelling visual stories
Tal purple bg-01
Tal Steinbeg
Sound Designer and Composer
Tal is the hive hectic musician. With control of all aspects of sound, he completes the experience with tailor-made music and singular tones.
Sophie web-01
Sophia Tupolev-Luz
Head of Scripts
Sophia is a B2B Tech strategic communications advisor. She is passionate about writing creative stories and crazy concepts that will stand out and gain attention.
Gus Image-02
Gustavo Castellanos
Creative Director
Gus is a Creative Art Director with more than 14 years of experience in Motion Graphics. A crazy mind passionate about turning words into beautiful visual concepts.

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