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A startup explainer video, also known simply as a startup video, is a short video intended to provide a business-related idea in a compact and effective manner. The following guide will help you understand more about the purpose of startup explainer videos, along with the key components to keep in mind when planning a startup explainer video of your own.

What is a Startup Explainer Video?

In short, a startup explainer video is an informational video intended to provide short yet compelling information about a business or business idea. Startup explainer videos will explain the basics about a company: what they do, how it can help potential customers solve a problem, and why they are the best company for the job.

Why Do You Need a Startup Explainer Video?

Startup explainer videos are crucial in today’s media-driven world. They are one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness while providing easily accessible information to hundreds, thousands, and potentially even millions of people. Another exceptional benefit of a startup explainer video is the fact that the style of the video makes them ideal for creating a call to action. Calls to action can include asking people to visit a website, subscribe to social media, try out a new service, purchase a product, and much more. 

Key Components of Any Startup Explainer Video

Startup explainer videos are not simply informational: they need to follow some key components in order to be truly effective. 

Short: Startup videos need to be short. 90 seconds is considered the maximum length for a startup video, but 60 seconds (and sometimes even less!) is also a common startup explainer video length. 

Focused: Startup explainer videos have to be hyper-focused in order to hone in on a specific demographic with a specific problem that can be solved by the business

Simple: A startup explainer video needs to follow a classic simple formula: what is being targeted in the beginning, how it will solve a problem in the middle, and why it is the best option at the end.

Brand-Appropriate: Startup explainer videos need to follow existing brand guidelines in order to remain consistent with company marketing materials, including diigtal campaigns, social media accounts, websites, and so on.

Animated (whenever possible): Animations, whether they are animated characters or other illustrations, are considered to be highly engaging and personable; this makes them ideal for startup explainer videos.

Remember to keep the above information in mind when planning out a startup explainer video.

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