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Title: Working With An Animation Studio: 5 Tips for Success

Video content is essential in today’s media-driven world. Connecting with potential customers and even networking with fellow businesses requires developing engaging, thoughtful video content that people want to consume–and that people will want to share.

Before you begin your initial communication with a professional animation studio, you should be aware of the key steps that will lead you to success. The following are 5 highly important tips to follow if you want to successfully work with an animation studio.

Tip #1: Know how to find the right animation studio

Look at the studio’s online portfolio: does their quality matches your needs? If possible, look for reviews or existing clients to get an idea of their current work. Start the communication process and take careful note of how they respond to queries. You will want an animation studio that engages in prompt and effective communication.

Tip #2: Provide a clear explanation for your goals

Studios need to be presented with clear goals for your content. The three questions to ask yourself when defining your goals for the video are:

  • Why are you making the video? (Marketing a new product? Highlighting your new brand?)
  • Who is the target audience? (Age range? New/existing client?)
  • And what are the preferences regarding specifications? (Length, tone, style, etc)

Tip #3: Be reasonable regarding project scope, turnaround time and budget

Project scope refers to the overall complexity and quality of the video; turnaround time refers to how quickly you want (or need) it finished; and budget refers to how much you are able to spend.
As a general rule of thumb, the higher the project scope and fast the turnaround time, the more money you will need to spend. If you can only spend a certain amount, you will need to consider lowering the project scope accordingly.

Tip #4: Share your vision, preferences and expectations early on

In order for an animation studio to deliver a great video that meets your expectations, you have to share your preferences and expectations with them as early as possible. Discuss your vision for the project: are you envisioning something fun and upbeat? Or something more serious and professional? Communication throughout the process is critical in ensuring that you are both on the same page.\

Tip #5: Keep yourself open to advice from the studio.

You need to remain flexible and open to the animation studio’s advice and suggestions. For instance, an animation studio might suggest a shorter length or different style, based on what is typically successful for this type of content. You don’t have to take their suggestions, but being flexible can help you result in more effective video content.

Remember to keep the above 5 tips in mind when you want to succeed while working with an animation studio.

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