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As video artists, we have the power to control the viewer’s eyes. Here are 4 ways we use to do so:

Hey! I’m Yuval from Laserbee, and today I want to talk about Focal Point.

As video artists, we have the power to control your eyes. That’s right, we can make you look exactly where we want you to look!

Because if we won’t direct you to look at the right spot, you might miss the entire message we want to convey.

So what’s a focal point is?
In art, A focal point, Is an area, or an object in the frame that draws the viewer’s attention.

So what kind of elements makes us look at a certain spot in the frame?

  1. Movement: When an object moves on the screen, our eyes are naturally drawn to it. This is because our brains are wired to detect and respond to movement.
  2. Difference: Our brain is also trained to spot unusual objects. So different shape, color, size and position will immediately attract our attention.
  3. Faces: As humans, we are naturally engaged with people’s faces. So a person’s face can create a point of interest that grab the viewer’s eyes.
  4. Sound: Look at these 4 circles, visually they are all the same, but you will most likely focus on the circle that is synced with the sound effect.

So, the next time you watch a video, pay attention to where your eyes are drawn to – you might just catch a glimpse of the focal point!

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