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Overview of the innovative marketing campaign made by Karma.


Hey, I’m Yuval from Laserbee, and today I want to tell you about a super creative Marketing campaign, by Karma.


This is what they did:
1st. They created one of the most mind-blowing commercial I have ever seen from a start-up company. They went all in and made a Hollywood-style drama film.

But they didn’t stop there – They wanted the campaign to explode.
So they sent the commercial to 40 influencers and asked them to watch and share their reactions with their followers. 

What makes it special is that they asked the influencers to talk about the content they created and not about their product.
The results? 

11.1 million views, 

52 million comments, 

5.5 thousand shares, 

and 205 thousand downloads! 


Karma then asked Laserbee to make a video that covers this entire innovative campaign.
We called it –  “Not another influencers campaign”. And you can check it out in the 1st comment.

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