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When you create a video, you have to remember- the video is not about you. It’s about your audience.
A quick tip on how to easily increase your video engagement👇

I’m Yuval from Laserbee and today is the 1st episode of “Nobody cares about you”.

Many times, startups use phrases like:
“Our AI, machine learning, fully automated platform”
“We’ve built the first, most powerful ever made solution…”

But let me tell you a secret…No body cares.
The only thing they care about is what’s in it for them. The video is not about your company or your product, it’s about your audience.

So, to tackle this problem, I’m proud to present- The “The Nobody cares about you” tool.
You just  write a sentence, Click the “Nobody cares” button …and Bamm.>>
The text automatically goes from ‘It’s all about me” to “It’s all about you”
Download today at Lasrebee.video 😉

Now seriously- Whatever you write – remember… Nobody cares about you.
Stop writing in 1st person [We, Us, Our] and start writing in 2nd person [You, yours].
This will help increase your video engagement dramatically.

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