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So much of any creative process is completely invisible in the final result, viewers can only guess what choices were made and why? How did it end up looking the way it did? And where did it all start? In this video, I’m sharing an in-depth look into what went into the creation of just the intro scene for the explainer video we made for Reco.

Reco – Collaborate Securely | Explainer video


Hi everyone. My name is Tomer and I’m the head of creative for Laser Bee Studio, a motion design studio that specializes in explaining Technology. Today, I wanted to share with you some of the processes that we into creating this intro scene in one of our recent videos for Rico. Reco is doing Collaboration Security.


A lot of organizations today are using collaboration tools to share information inside and outside of the organization, but it’s incredibly hard to secure this information once it’s out there. So Reco tackling this problem in a very, very unique way, this intro scene is depicting a space where a lot of people are sharing information, but it actually looked a lot different when we started working.

And the process from the starting point to this final result is completely invisible in the final video. So I wanted to quickly go through the process behind this and how we ended up with this result. We started with a sketch of a space showing just information being shared and a 3D render of this space.

Trying a couple of different colors, but quickly understood we were missing the people in there, which are a key part of the video. So once we added those in, in the form of a very generic avatar, we felt that having them floating in space is a little bit strange. They should be closer to a floor. And also we tried experimenting with a more unique look for each avatar, and we came up with these couple of.

Putting them back into the space. At that point, we felt we should try some variations between the characters, and also the information that’s being shared should get some context, and should get the logos of the collaboration platforms on it. We did a couple of iterations on that. Also feeling that the floor surface would be more interesting if it wasn’t very flat and if it actually was curvy.

And we also added this send texture, trying to experiment with a look. That’s not very common in tech videos. Then we tried a darker theme because this is the problem part of the video, and we wanted it to feel more dramatic and to distinguish it from the solution part, which we kept with a brighter theme.

Then we thought this trying to have some colors for the characters might be a good idea, but it wasn’t. So we went back and tried to give them more personality by creating this look, which is a mix between. Abstract shape and a more figurative human form. We put them back into the space and felt that the information being shared should be in a more contrast color, higher contrast.

So we gave it this orange color, which is also one of the brand colors. So it made a lot of sense to use. Then we switch the floor back to something that’s flatter. And reflective, still keeping some curves and heels in it to make it more unique and interesting, but bringing back this smooth surface, this more technological, because we went probably a little bit too far.

Then we added some color to connect the head of the character with the body of the character because when it was just a single color, it kind of still felt separated, but having a splash of color connecting, going through the body and the head pulled it together and felt more appropriate for us.

Eventually, we made the floor darker and we also cleaned up the space and had fewer characters in it. So this is how we ended up with this final look. You can see it started in a very, very different space and looks a lot different. And a lot of this process that’s invisible happened throughout the production of this video and other videos that we’re creating.

So if I managed to get you curious, Send us questions about videos that you saw in our portfolio that you are curious about how we ended up with that specific look. We’ll explain what the process looked like to get that final result. And if you need a video or you are an artist interested in collaborating, drop us a line.

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